Contact Your Legislators

Minnesotans deserve a fair redistricting process with rules and tools that are voter-focused—not driven by parties, major donors, or incumbents who want to gerrymander districts and pick their voters. Use the scripts below to reach out to your legislators and tell them that you demand fair maps. 

Call Your State Senator

Hello, my name is _____, and I live in the city of _____.

I am concerned.  There has not been much transparency in the Senate’s redistricting process.  It has only held three public hearings so far.  Access has been limited to those who can take time off work with little notice and who are okay with being in a small room with others who may not be vaccinated or wear facemasks. The committee website is very confusing and little public information is made available. 

Elected officials are supposed to be advocating for our interests and ensuring we are informed and have the opportunity to engage in this process. Little has happened on the Senate side. 

I  am calling to ask for a fair opportunity to be heard and participate in how our districts are drawn before the committee submits its maps.  Please hold more hearings during times working Minnesotans can attend. Make zoom testimony available for Minnesotans who may have health issues or can’t attend in-person hearings because of location.  Attendance at the few hearings held has been sparse and attended by mostly local government officials, retirees, or those advocating for local special interests.  We don’t even know what redistricting principles Senators are using to draw our congressional and state district maps. 

Thank you for your attention and commitment to putting me ahead of the party and self-interests in this process.

Call Your State Representative

Hello, my name is _____, and I live in the city of _____.

I am calling/emailing today to thank you for trying to keep this process as transparent as possible and allowing for many opportunities for direct public input. I am reaching out today because I want to make sure communities of interest are prioritized whenever there is natural tension between other redistricting principles such as compactness and any rule preserving incumbency.

[add any other ask(s) you may have about how you want your community captured on proposed maps OR pointing out mistakes they’ve made by splitting communities and diluting their collective voice and political power].   


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